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Every 10 years, the U.S. Census Bureau is tasked with counting every resident in the nation. More than 70 federal programs that benefit California that include funding for programs and services like Medi-Cal, school lunches, food stamps, Head Start, SNAP, unemployment benefits, and programs and services that benefit seniors and disabled veterans. These funds allow our children and families the opportunity to thrive and be successful.

CNC is committed to use our expertise and resources to engage with the hardest to count Californians in rural communities in the 2020 Census. CNC created its “Cuenta Conmigo” program to make sure that our families know how to fill out the short census questionnaire, understand that their privacy will be upheld by the law, and that they can count on us and partners for good and timely information when they need it.

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Hard-To-Count Communities

Over $800 billion of federal funding is at stake and for Californians, each person in each household who is counted represents approximately $1,000 of funding per year. We’re all in this together because everybody counts and needs resources and government services. Our families deserve to benefit from everything from the maintenance of their streets and sidewalks to their access to affordable housing, good paying jobs, and quality education. Scroll over these maps to understand where our hard-to-count families live and to better understand how we may join together to share the benefits of participating, the ease of filling out the census questionnaire, and the confidentiality of data required by law. Learn more and help us increase response rates!

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There are over 11 million hard-to-count families in California! It will take each one of us to promote the Census. Partner with us & share your ideas and outreach goals to let families know that they can count on us!

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